Pasando el Mar

by Puente Celeste

Released 2002
Musical Antiatlas Producciones
Released 2002
Musical Antiatlas Producciones
A delicate fusion of Argentine, African, Indian, pop, jazz, classical, and who knows what else.
Played by some of the best musicians from the Argentinean creative music scene.
Puente Celeste is a music band originated in 1997, in Buenos Aires, that performs both instrumental and vocal music.

Its original proposal, cosmopolitan and yet profoundly Argentinean, combines in a natural way elements from the most different kinds of music around the globe, original themes and melodies, instruments from many cultures, solos and group improvisations, poetry, energy and sensitivity, complexity but also simplicity.

Puente Celeste's musical influences come all the way from Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe and, of course, America. From Argentinean folklore and tango to jazz and XX century's classical music. Old and contemporary music throughout the world. From composers like Stravinsky, Messiaen, Miles Davis, Hermeto Pascoal or Ralph Towner, to millenary melodies by unknown authors.

To describe it, the Argentinean magazine Melotron said: "To talk about Puente Celeste, let's imagine a huge melting pot where rock, folklore, oriental music, tango, jazz and experimentation are blended, spiced with a brilliant and imaginative percussion, resulting into a rare CD, fresh, full of intelligent and accomplished fusion."

Marcelo Moguilevsky clarinet, bass clarinet, harmonica, soprano sax, bag pipes and recorder.

Alejandro Franov
accordion, sitar, guitar, percussion and voice.

Edgardo Cardozo
guitar, requinto, accordion, cajón and voice.

Luciano Dyzenchauz
acoustic bass, percussion and berimbao.

Santiago Vazquez
percussion, berimbao, mbira, tablas, guitar and voice.

Its members have varied since its appearance in Buenos Aires' scene with its first album (Santiago Vazquez & Puente Celeste, awarded Best album and 1998 Jazz Revelation by the newspaper Clarín), always with the contributions from some of the most original and recognized musicians in Buenos Aires.

Based on the broad education of its musicians, all of them multi-instrumentalists, Puente Celeste explores exquisite sound combinations towards compositions of great melodic and rhythmic value, also leaving space for instrumental dialogue, where the personality and virtuosity of the musicians are displayed.

The present members of the group have important soloist careers, and have played with musicians like Dino Saluzzi, Luis Salinas, Juan Falu, Pedro Aznar, Nestor Marconi, "Mono" Fontana, Vitor Ramil, Roberto Goyeneche, to name a few.

The Argentinean press said:

CLARIN newspaper
"The jazz revelation of the year"

PAGINA 12 newspaper
"This group is one of the most interesting experiences on the scene of popular music in Argentina"
"...Puente Celeste. This exquisite CD, a true revelation, shows that not only Uruguayans and Brazilians but also Argentineans can take certain chances, putting together technique and popular tradition."
"Puente Celeste. First album: among the best born here."

LA NACION news paper
"A bridge toward other rhythms."
"Puente Celeste emerge like a luminous multi rhythmical and ethnical mix that surprises with its instrumental proposal."
"In this sonorous celebration, Puente Celeste brings to light the treasures of a group of virtuous musicians that accomplish a personal language, rejecting the ordinary place of hermetism in which other musicians easily fell.
Puente Celeste has turned in no time into one of the instrumental revelations within the underground movement of popular music. People responded to the musical stimulation of this multi rhythmical band."

"This CD is a pleasant surprise: candombe and oriental sounds mixed with baguala, a bit of poetry, subtlety and good taste. Puente Celeste removes the inconsistent and unoriginal hybrid taste from the word fusion."

TRES PUNTOS magazine
"Faraway from marketing"
"This is one of those pleasant surprises that turn out once in a blue moon: a fine disc, personal and blunt, and the same time unclassifiable."

"... a CD in which new music finds a doorway towards artistic authenticity, through the greatest aesthetic risk and the most exquisite sensitivity."


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en SANTOS 4040

Javier Mattanó: guitarra

Alejandro Franov: teclado

Ramiro Flores: saxos

Juan Canosa: trombón

Mauro Sarachian: cello

Mariano Domínguez: bajo

Pablo Bendov: batería

Santiago Vazquez: batería  dirección