La Bomba De Tiempo

La Bomba De Tiempo

A very rhythmic percussion album to enjoy and dance: an experimental band of 17 musicians. 100% improvisation conducted through a system of numerous signals.

La Bomba de Tiempo is a group composed by 17 excellent musicians. They started practising in early 2006, and at first the rehearsals were closed, for the first two months, then they became open rehearsals, where people could come along to listen. Soon this grew into coming along to listen and dance a little, and it developed into rehearsing openly for an hour then playing for two. La Bomba de Tiempo offers a space of party, creating a really rithmic and energetic music by playing percusion. The music consist on improvisation with a system of signals con las cuales the director, Santiago Vázquez, organises and creates specific reactions. That's how the improvisation becomes a composition in real time: La Bomba de tiempo explores the rythm and the time. It's about composing equilibrate rythms in real time that seemed to be traditionals and that they invite to dance. What they are creating is unique within Argentina. Thay are not imitating anything: the improvisations belong to them.

MUSICIANS Santiago Vazquez: conductor Alejandro Oliva:achico Mariano Cantero:tambor chico Nacho Alvarez:tambor repique Juampi Francisconi: tambor piano Richard Nant: bombo Lucas Helguero: quinto Mario Gusso: tambor bata itotele Pablo Ben Dov: tambor batå iya Andrés Inchausti: tronco ahuecado Luciano Larocca: guancha Carto Brandan: semillas y accesorios Pablo Palleiro: djembé Gabriel Spiller: campanas Maria Bergamaschi: surdo Diego Sanchez: surdo y semillas Cheikh Gueye: djembé

"La Bomba de Tiempo", produced in 2007, is their firts album and it shows a wide variety of original and surpising musical tones. It contains the best music of the group ready to enjoy whit a lot of pleasure.

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