Medios de Transporte

Colectivo Eterofónico

An experimental band of 17 musicians. 100% improvisation conducted through a system of more than 70 hand signals.

A collection of small pieces thoroughly improvised at the recording studio with the signs system developed by Santiago Vazquez and inspired on «Butch Morris». Colectivo Eterofónico, a 17 musicians orchestra directed by Vazquez, shows in this, their first album, a wide variety of original and always surprising tone-colours.


Santiago Vazquez: conductor

Laura Fuhr: violin Claudio Peña: cello Wenchi Lazo: electric guitar Ezequiel Finger: vibraphone Diego Pojomovsky: double bass Emiliano Almeida: drums Lucas Helguero: percussion Pablo Bronzini: accordion Lucas Nikotián: piano Damian Rovner: trumpet Martin Pantyrer: bass clarinet y baritone sax Rodrigo Domínguez: soprano and tenor sax Gustavo Hunt: clarinet y tenor sax Marcelo Barragán: clarinet and alto sax Gustavo Ridilenir: flute and alto sax María Eugenia Marsili: oboe

The Colectivo Eterofónico is an improvisation band formed by 10 to 17 musicians, conducted through a very original system of more than 70 signs, with which the conductor coordinates the development of the improvisation. This system was created by Santiago Vazquez, based on the work of American musician «Butch» Morris.

The band also explores different ways of composition in real time, blending all of them in its live concerts, extremely energetic experiences, due to the intense interaction between musicians, conductor and the public, which also gets involved in the creative process. Many of the most important improvisation musicians of Buenos Aires are gathered in the Colectivo Eterofónico. They come from different styles: jazz, funk, contemporary music, tango, folklore, rock.

The Colectivo's music is 100% improvised by its musicians. These improvisations can frame certain pre-established rules, this is why its style can hardly be explained.

This style can be tonal and atonal; it goes from rhythmical and even dancing music to waves of sound with no pulse at all; from melodic aspects to a mere sound adventure; from strict order to extreme chaos... it all depends on the blend between people, each one of the musicians and the conductor, in a permanent interaction.


Clarín Newspaper. July 17 2001.

A rosary with beads of time Precious contradiction palpitate in this album, which begins with an atonal bluster, continues with groove and romanticism and extinguishes in a purring way. A trip that the Colectivo Eterofónico made once, but you will want to repeat, knowing that each time over you will hear a little more.

Inrockuptibles Magazine.

Medios de transporte, recorded live, in one take, with no overdubs or previous rehearsals, is part of a diptic. (...) Blending contemporary music, pop, jazz, blues, free, Latin rhythms, etc, a true free improvised dialogue with music.

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