Santiago Vazquez

Eclectic, perverted electronic music with no electronic at all. The most innovative from alternative argentinean scene.

Humans imitating machines.

The music on this CD was generated from blocks of sound composed by layers of 100% human played acoustic and electric instrument (but not electronic). With no sequencers or any kind of electronic generated loops.

This CD is dedicated to the absurd and always out of shape present time, to the blurred line that divides and at the same time links ugliness and beauty, pain and pleasure, arrogance and fear. It is dedicated to tradition, to the unconsciousness implied by any action, to contradiction.

The music on this CD was built directly on the tape track by track, without using any previous composition, starting with the bass or the drums, and then adding voices, lots of percussion, guitars and the most estrange and unusual instrument until some melody or structure appeared. Then those layers of sound where sculpted muting here and there some fragments, or even eliminating complete tracks until the final shape was achieved. Some sounds were digitally processed on the mix, but most of the effects heard on this CD were produced on the recording process, by placing the wrong microphones on the wrong place of the wrong instrument played on the wrong way.

Santiago Vazquez: Bass, drums, percussion, tablas, berimbao, trumpet, bomtempi, mbira, kalimba, voices, toys, wind instruments, guitars, turntables, arrangements and composition.

Guest Musicians

Wenceslao Lazo: electric guitar Rodrigo Domínguez: tenor saxophone Martín Pantyrer: bariton saxophone Fernando Kabusacki: electric guitar Marcelo Barragán: alto saxophone Dante Yenque: french horn Andre Gomes: piccolo bass Leonel Kaplan: trumpet Alejandro Franov: accordion Juan Pablo Marín: text

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